SOLD BY THE GALLON, (SERVES 21 6oz. Portions)

Clam Chowder                 Thick and Creamy with Large Potatoes and Clams, served with Oyster Crackers.       $35
Potato Leek                       Yukon Gold Potatoes and sautéed Leeks in a flavorful Garlic and Herb Broth.            $35
Minestrone                       Beef Broth with pasta, Meatballs, Seasonings and a variety of Fresh Vegetables.       $30
Chicken Noodle               Seasoned Chicken Breast, Spiraled Noodles and Vegetables in Chicken  Broth.          $25
Lobster Bisque                  Lobster stock, Light Cream, and Spanish Sherry                                                                $55

Cream of Broccoli            Fresh Broccoli Florets and Mild Monterey Jack Cheese                                                     $50
With Monterey

Tequila Fiesta                    Chicken, Cilantro, Spices, and Vegetables with a dash of Tequila.                                  $30
Chicken Soup                  

Tomato Basil                    Creamy Tomato and Fresh Basil w/ Cream                                                                           $30